Anti Aging Products – Figuring Out What Works

When considering an anti aging product the hardest part is knowing which products are effective and which products really do not stand a chance. Sometimes all it takes is an educated look at the ingredients or a basic understanding of what can really work. For instance, everyone knows that collagen is an important part of why skin looks young. Many companies capitalize on this fact but many women who are new to anti aging products don’t yet understand that collagen molecules are not small enough to penetrate the epidermis and take up residence in the skin to improve collagen levels and hence skin appearance.The skin cannot absorb collagen topically. It has to be induced into producing more. Similarly many forms of vitamin C used in anti aging creams cannot penetrate the skin to do any kind of good as an anti oxidant. You can look up some of these facts online and get grounded in some of the basic science around what topical anti aging topical ointments can and can’t do. It’s like vitamins. Just because a pill says it contains what you need doesn’t mean that your body is going to be able to absorb it in the required amount for it to be effective. For instance many people are aware that calcium supplements often include vitamin D because it is a known fact that Vitamin D aids in calcium absorption into bone tissue. Taking calcium on its own is not going to do as much good as pairing it with the associated nutrients that aid in its absorption and metabolism.Anti aging skincare is big business and manufacturers have a penchant for making all kinds of claims that are not necessarily backed by science or documented clinical trials. This does not mean that the products do not work, you just have to be careful when evaluating their claims and purchase it with the understanding that their product may not work for you. For instance many products claim that they are the safe alternative to Botox and other invasive procedures because our stuff penetrates the skin etc. As soon as you see this you should be entirely skeptical of any claims that the active ingredient can somehow penetrate the epidermis and dermis. There is a reason that Botox has to be injected and its this same reason that ingredients like argireline, hexapeptide and other ingredients that skincare manufacturers claim skin penetration qualities for cannot actually penetrate the skin to the level where it needs to do its work.Figuring out what works as far as anti aging products go is not easy but with a little bit of investigative work you’ll be able to read an ingredient list and understand what the active ingredients are and what they are supposed to be doing. Whether they can or cannot live up to the claims on the box is something that requires you to personally try the product and see if it can deliver results for you.

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